Interior Design vs. Staging: What Are the Differences?

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Interior design and staging both have a similar end result: they beautify the interior of your home.

However, their exact reasons and methods for doing so differ. Below, we’ll dive into the differences.


Interior Design

Interior design’s goal is to create a home interior that matches your personality and tastes. Home value appreciation is a common positive side effect of interior design, but it isn’t the main focus for most people.


Staging does use some interior design principles, but it’s performed to maximize your home’s price when you’re actively selling your home. Staging involves arranging your interior in a way that impresses buyers and makes them imagine living in your home. Hence, you can command a higher price.


Interior Design

Interior design is focused on enhancing your lifestyle by improving the interior. In essence, it blends beauty with functionality.

Your tastes and lifestyle inform the selection of everything in the room, from furniture to wall colors to throw pillows and more.

For example, a family with young kids would avoid breakable items like vases inside. However, a single person or a couple with no kids could add these items, as there’s less risk of them breaking.


Staging doesn’t really consider functionality. Its singular focus is preparing your home for sale by showing your home’s interior in the best possible way. Consequently, a staged home might sacrifice functionality for aesthetics.

Staging also aims to make areas look as spacious as possible. It’s always safer to go with less; buyers can always add more later, so more space makes it easier for them to picture themselves living in your house.


Interior Design

Interior design is the pricier of the two services. Aside from professional interior designer fees (which can range from $2,000-$11,000 depending on the job), you have to factor in costs for furniture, paint, decor, and other relevant items.

Again, interior design can pay off, aside from making your home feel more “you”. Enhancing your home’s interior can boost its value if you ever decide to sell.


Home staging is less intensive than interior design, so naturally, it costs less.

See, interior design cares more about style and less about budget. Staging’s goal, on the other hand, is to earn you a return. Home stagers will incorporate existing pieces in your house to keep costs down so you can end up profiting.

Interior Design AND Staging in Philadelphia, PA

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