How Staging Sells Homes

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Home staging is the process of preparing your home for sale in the marketplace. It helps show off the best parts of your home and gets buyers to visualize themselves living in it — both of which lead to a faster sale. 

Your home is one of the largest portions of your net worth, and selling it can earn you a lot of extra cash if you stage it. Learn more about how staging sells homes below. 

Boosting Your Home’s Sale Price 

First and foremost, staging your home makes it much more appealing to buyers. The better your home’s interior looks, the more easily the buyer can picture themselves living there.  

The staging can cause them to invest more of their emotions into their purchase — thus, they’ll be more willing to pay a higher price should they move forward with buying the home. 

Additionally, staging lets you hide any potential flaws or drawbacks. Buyers will lower their offer for every small issue they see — so staging your home helps prevent this. 

Selling Your Home Faster 

The other vital component of selling your home is sale speed. If you’re on a timeline for moving somewhere else, it feels much better to have offers flood in fast and close on a deal with a buyer early.  

However, benefits go beyond stress reduction. Homes tend to lose value the longer they’re on the market. If there’s little demand for your home, you have to lower the price to accommodate.  

See, buyers consider your home “stale” the longer it remains on the market as well. That’s because newly listed homes generate the most market interest. 

The more buyers that tour your home without buying, though, the smaller a population of remaining buyers you have to sell to. Selling your home becomes much harder unless you drop the price to make it a better “deal”. 

If you stage your home, though, you can sell it faster because you’ll maximize the home’s appeal. Thus, you’ll also maximize your sale price. 

Not All Homeowners Stage Their Homes 

Despite these benefits, not all homeowners stage their property before selling.  

However, you can take advantage of this mistake to make your home stand out. If you’re among the only sellers staging your home, your property will stick in buyers’ minds more easily. 

That means more offers could come your way, giving you options for selling your home. You won’t have to stress as much about finding a good buyer. 

Get More From Your Home With Professional Home Staging in Philadelphia 

Are you looking to sell your Philadelphia home soon? As you can see, investing in staging services could pay off big time in terms of your sale price and speed.  

RR Staging and Interior Design is here to help. Unlike other staging companies, we use fun colors and modern accents to spice up your home and make it look beautiful to your potential buyers. 


Contact us today to learn more about how we can sell your home faster and for more with expert home staging. 

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