What Are the Hottest Interior Design Trends?

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Have you been considering a home renovation recently? 

Whether you want to make some small changes or revamp a whole room, knowing the latest interior design trends can help you make choices in your home.

Keep on reading to learn some of the hottest interior design trends of this year.

More Blue

Pantone names a color of the year every year, and 2020’s was classic blue. There’s good reason for this, too — blue can be calming and relaxing, making it excellent for several rooms throughout your home.

Too much blue can give you the blues, though. Make sure you mix it up with bits of brighter colors, such as yellow.

Indoor Greenery

People have been putting faux plants around their interior for a long time. However, if you’ve been cooped up inside for so long, now might be a great time to add some real plant life to your interior.

Real plants can bring a sense of joy to your home’s interior, and they can also help freshen the air and lift your spirits. If any of those plants have flowers, they can make your home smell nice, too. 

Plus, you get to take care of them — they’re like low-maintenance pets.

Natural Light

If you’ve got plenty of indoor greenery, and you’ve been stuck inside due to the events of last (and still this) year, it only makes sense to crack those blinds and let the light in. 

In fact, natural light is scientifically proven to boost your mood because it increases the release of serotonin, the chemical in your brain that affects mood. You’ll be able to relax or be more productive, depending on what day (or time of day!) it is.

Once winter hits, natural light will be great at fighting the winter blues and can even slightly reduce your reliance on heating.

Make Your Furniture Multi-Task

You don’t have to sacrifice form for function, or vice-versa when it comes to your furniture.

If you’re looking to add new pieces or replace existing ones, look for furniture that offers extra capabilities. For instance, ottomans with storage or couches with pull-out beds are classics.

Another example would be your coffee table. If you work from home, you might consider a lift-top coffee table. These serve triple duty: when you’re working, you’ve got a desk that both stands and sits. When you’re relaxing, you’ve got a coffee table. Finally, there’s plenty of storage under the lift top.

Yet another example could be a fold-down table. Just fold up the sides when you need it, then fold them back down if you’re putting them away into storage.

With enough multi-purpose furniture, you can add beauty to your home’s interior space while also creating more of that space.


At R&R Staging and Interior design, we’re passionate about keeping up with the latest design trends while staying true to our unique methods. We use fun colors and beautiful accents alongside these trends to make your dream interior a reality. 

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