The Top 5 Interior Design Tips to Declutter Your Home

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Physical clutter clutters the mind. When our interior spaces are overflowing with unnecessary objects, it stresses us out — even if subtly.

Decluttering the right way can cut that stress and bring back a sense of peace.

To that end, here are some interior design tips for beautifying your interior while decluttering.

1. Create “Keep”, “Donate”, and “Trash” Boxes/Bags

No need to throw everything that you’re decluttering away! Items can have different uses, and you might end up getting paralyzed by analysis over “should I throw this out or not?”

Instead, get three boxes and label them “Keep”, “Donate”, and “Trash — and put a trash bag in the last one.

Now, you can decide which items you want to pitch, what you can donate, and what you truly want to keep. 

You can also add a 4th box for “storage” if you have somewhere else to put it. Be careful, though, as this can lure you into keeping clutter you don’t need.

2. Don’t Use Too Many Throw Pillows

It’s easy to get carried away decorating your couch to fit your tastes — by carried away, we mean adding tons of throw pillows.

These pillows ultimately hog a lot of space on the couch, and when people are sitting down, end up on the floor (if they don’t make it to a closet or anything).

Ideally, aim for no more than three throw pillows per corner on sectionals. As for sofas, 1-2 pillows max per side is good.

3. Minimize Open Storage Units

Even storing clutter influences how cluttered things feel. If you can see a bunch of random objects at all times, you won’t feel as peaceful and destressed.

Thus, you want to minimize your use of open storage. Instead, opt for attractive closed storage options like baskets and drawers.

4. Avoid Too Many Picture Frames

Do you like displaying family photos around the house? Unfortunately, too many picture frames sitting on desks, tabletops, and other surfaces can create quite a bit of clutter. 

Here’s an easy way to clear things up without sacrificing the photos: create a gallery wall. Dedicated one wall to hanging up all your photos.

Then, you can place candles, books, and other nice items on your now-empty surfaces. These tend to provide a less cluttered look.

5. Get Through That Mail

Mail is one of the most stressful types of clutter in your home. It’s not just pillows or picture frames — it’s stuff you have to read.

So when you leave it unread, all that “I have to get through this mail” stress builds in your mind. Not to mention it hogs valuable space with ugly-looking envelopes.

If you have a giant mail pile, set aside an hour or so one weekend to knock it all out. Going forward, make a daily habit of checking and opening all your mail. Do it at the same time every day to cement your habit.

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